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Moving Off The Kitchen Table

I finally made the jump from messing up the kitchen table to buying myself a proper workbench. It arrived in pieces that needed to be assembled, there were waaaaay too many parts and the job required the help of my husband on his day off.

As soon as Zach went down for his nap we got set to work like the perfect mum and dad DIY team, although we did have to go back and undo a few steps that went wrong, but all in all it was smooth sailing and a fun little project for us to work on together.

I had grand dreams of workbench fung shui, but of course it gets just as messy as the table used to. But at least now the family have somewhere to eat their meals without the fear of coughing up a piece of wire later on.

I bought this bench from a company called Domu, they do loads of handy house and garden stuff and this bench was £4 cheaper there than it was on Argos at the time. Penny-pinching FTW!

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