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Ladies, You'll Love These Dainty Silver Jewels

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

I know you've been eyeing up all the fab minimalist rings that are on trend at the moment... who hasn't?

*Refreshes the #minimaljewelry feed on Instagram* But perhaps, like me, you're more of a Silver Suzie than a Golden Gertrude? Don't get me wrong though, gold is hot HOT at the moment and always a good investment. Not that we need an excuse ;) I've been following the minimalist trend for a while now, looking at what I could offer up to my customers. My sister brought to my attention the unalome trend that's kicking in (which I've mentioned in a previous post). She's a tattoo artist and in her experience, symbols get popular in the tattoo world first, as people search for something that's unique and meaningful. Next thing you know, that same symbol is then exploding on every scene from stationery to home decor, and of course jewelry. So I've been soldering, filing, polishing, and photographing away to bring you some new ring designs that are in line with the minimalist movement. They're boho, stylish, & fashionably on trend. They're adorable, significant, and affordable. Anyway, you'll love them :) I'm super excited to be offering these to you. I love making them and I love wearing them too. The Original Unalome Ring

The unalome symbol, presented in a simple way with little fuss. Satisfying, like a life that has reached enlightenment.

The Mountains and Sunset Ring

A little silver sun setting between two mountains. I love this design because it calls out to the adventurer in me and inspires a feeling of wanderlust. I suddenly wanna go mountaineering!

The Stamped Wraparound Ring

Found here on my ring finger is the wraparound ring that acts like two stackers, but is in fact just one ring. It has a stamped surface and is adjustable, so can be worn on any finger in any position for all you style hoppers who get bored easily.

The Unalome Ring Re-imagined

In complete and utter love with this ring. It looks stunning up against the nail, like a silver henna pattern. So unique and ahead of the trend. Plus it's adjustable and super comfy to wear.

The Charmed Knot Ring

Knot rings are always in fashion, as are pearls. This ring makes the perfect gift for a June birthday girl, a bridesmaid, or for someone who you just want to let know that your bond with them is strong and unique.

Finally, I have a few more Top Secret designs on the bench, which I will update you on soon. And I'll be introducing alternatives that include birthstone gems.

So now that you've had another dose of minimalism at it's finest, perhaps it's time to make a decision to add a few to your collection once and for all. Start wearing the trend instead of just pinning it.