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Etsy Product Description Template - 4 Easy Paragraphs

Product Description Template

Your products need a description that will sell them. It's a necessary evil, an essential chore that comes with selling online. Each description must be unique, contain well researched keywords and sound like it was written by a sane human.

You may be a stay-at-home parent who knows all too well the reality of working whilst looking after kids. It can be hard going without a decent template to help you churn them out fast.

And because writing product descriptions can be time consuming, I have developed this writing formula that I put to use whenever I've lost the will to list, or simply don't have time to waste.

Etsy Copywriting

The Product Description Template That's Going to Change Your Listing Life Forever

The formula:

Paragraph 1 - Intro

Paragraph 2 - Key Points

Paragraph 3 - Add-Ons

Paragraph 4 - Plugs

Paragraph One

Etsy requires you to place keywords into your Title, Description, and Tags in order for your item to be found in search.

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The first paragraph is a short and very simple description of your item that includes your main keywords or keyword phrase right at the start.

One thing I like to do is to take my title and paraphrase it to make the intro sentence, ensuring I repeat any vital keywords.

Pro Tip: Keep it short, you only need a 25 to 30 word sentence.

Paragraph Two

Outline around 4 or 5 key points about your item. You could list them in bullet points or you could describe them with a bit of prose in your own writing style. Either way, you should include:

Dimensions and Size



Unique Aspects

Pro Tip: Use descriptive wording to make your listing sing.

Paragraph Three

This is where you get to introduce your upsale to the customer. As well as give them more reasons to purchase by letting them know what they'll get for free.

The add-ons could include things like free shipping or shipping upgrades, gift wrapping, free gifts, and discount codes.

Pro Tip: Include a photo of the add-on for visual reference.

Paragraph Four

In your final few sentences, you will want to invite customers to contact you with queries and point them in the direction of your preferred social media channel, where they can then connect with you a little more if they're not yet ready to make the purchase.

Pro Tip: Add a shortened link to your social page. Last time I checked, Etsy were not allowing outbound links via the website, but links were clickable via the app.


And that is the basic 4 paragraph product description formula that you can use when you've run out of writing steam and need something to steer you along.

But if you're feeling more energetic, you could add other elements, such as a backstory for how your product came into existence, information about metaphysical properties, and perhaps one or two short customer reviews.

Have fun!

Jacqueline x

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