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Updated: Oct 26, 2019

I'm an addict.

I'm a creative who gets lost in the process.

I am compelled by ideas in my mind; I want to see them come alive through my hands, sweat, and skills.

It feels good when something works out to plan, or better. It helps me if people like what I'm selling, but praise from others is not what drives me.

I'm completely addicted to the clang of my hammers, the warmth of my torch and the buzz of The Flow.

I browse the jewellery section at Etsy A LOT and it's so nice to see all the effort that artists put into their work. Even hand assembled jewellery using mass produced charms are made to excellent effect.

Sometimes though, I don't want to use the same charm as others are using and it's great when I can source quality handmade charms and components that are super unique.

That warm fuzzy feeling we get when we know we're supporting the other branch of the handmade community--those who make for the makers--is just an added bonus.

Fine Silver Daisy Charm

And my search for unique solderables coupled with my cravings for crafting is how I began making my own 999 fine silver charms.

I now offer my charms at Wrapped by Design for other artists to use and I'll be introducing components next year.

I would so love to see my charms and components being used by other artists... like a collaboration of sorts.

The solderables I make are not cast, but are individually hand made using 999 fine silver clay.

I begin by carving a pmc model into the desired shape, that model is then oven baked until hard; once hard, I can use it to create a silicone mold. Each new charm is replicated using silver clay pushed into the silicone mold. Finally, the piece is filed and flamed to perfection; ready to be soldered, glued, or wire wrapped by you.

I will be offering discounts via my email newsletter, so if you live outside of the UK and find the international postage charges too high then that might be worth your while (Form is at the top).

And while you do that, I'll be over at my work bench getting my fix for today 😋

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