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What Powers Does the Moon Wield Over You?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Just as humans are affected by the cycle of day and night (Circadian Rhythm), lunar rhythms—where we are affected by the phases of the moon—also exist.

Full moon coming through clouds
Are you a full moon insomniac?

In the past, Humans knew that the moon affected some of us more than others, whether it was in the form of lunacy, insomnia, or menstruation.

But, as time progressed, we moved away from believing in our ancestral stories and trusting our instincts towards relying heavily on scientific research to prove what our ancestors always knew.

But Science👩‍🔬 is beginning to catch up with our real-world observations. A study published in 2013 on states:

"Lunar rhythms are not as evident as circadian rhythms and are thus not easy to document—but they exist. Their role is mysterious, and there are probably large individual differences that underlie the contradictory evidence for their existence—some people may be exquisitely sensitive to moon phase".

And while their study was conducted on just 33 people, a similar study published on in 2014 tested 319 people and found similar results.

So, if you've always felt possessed by the powers of the moon, then perhaps you're sensitive to its magic.

3 Signs That You're Affected by Moon Phases

Around the time of a full moon:

  1. You find it more difficult to sleep.

  2. Your emotions seem more intense.

  3. Your dreams are less vivid.

Your intense emotions may be caused by the lack of sleep experienced around the full moon and dreams may seem less vivid or you may not remember them at all, as you spend less time in deep sleep.

But Are Your Sleepless Nights Due to the Full Moon?

There's myriad things that could keep us from our sleep, so here are 3 more signs that may indicate your restlessness is full moon related:

  1. You sleep soundly at other times.

  2. You still have trouble sleeping even when you're in total darkness and your devices are locked away.

  3. You've been logging your sleepless nights and they always coincide with the full moon.

Anything that affects our quality of sleep will inevitably affect us in other ways. The large individual differences in the way that Lunar Rhythms affect each of us will mean that some people may feel alone (or special!) in the symptoms they express.

In what way does the power of the moon affect you?

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